De-licious-cember 21st: Holiday Drink Round-up

21st December 2012

Hey, the world didn’t end! Let’s drink to our surviving another day! I’ve curated a list of some of the tastiest, and prettiest, holiday drinks from around the interwebs for you to enjoy and imbibe. But first some “Holiday Drinking Rules” from Esquire:

Rule No. 371: A man’s drink shall not involve pumpkin.

So glad I’m a woman. I love me some pumpkin.

Rule No. 372: Eggnog tastes 60 percent better when wearing a sweater.

Rule No. 373: Seventy percent better in a cardigan sweater.

Rule No. 374: Eighty percent in a collared cardigan sweater.

I own like a dozen of these. The epouse is working on his own collection too. Mine’s better.

Rule No. 375: The new name for the collared cardigan sweater shall henceforth be: “the Nog Drinker.”

Rule No. 376: Drunkenness is no excuse for telling a kid that Santa Clause isn’t real.

or that they don’t get presents anymore because they got married and are an “adult” now

Rule No. 377: Especially if you’re wearing a Santa Clause costume.

Rule No. 378: Tidings don’t have to be glad, but they’re better that way.

Rule No. 379: Drunk tidings are never a good idea.

Rule No. 380: Apropos of nothing: Donder is the most underrated reindeer.

little known fact: Donder and Donner are the same reindeer who is having an identity crisis

By Ross McCammon for Esquire

Alrighty, now that you know the rules, let’s proceed to the drinks.

Chocolate Peppermint Martini via Your Southern Peach


Cranberry Whiskey Cocktail via Your Southern Peach (she’s that good she makes the list twice!)


Boozy Hot Cocoa via Buttercream Blondie


St. Festivus Flip (for the rest of us) via Wonderland Kitchen


Basil Pomegranate Sipper via Food Fetish


White Christmas Sangria via Cooking Stoned


Hot Apple Cider via Cook the Story


Apple of your Rye Cocktail via The Bojon Gourmet

apple of your rye-7

I was hoping to create some holiday drinks of my own for you, but I don’t have any of the appropriate glassware for the photos (although I’ve moved on from the red solo cup) and we drank the last of the alcohol last night just in case it was the end of the world. It wasn’t, but I don’t regret drinking that bottle of leftover wedding bubbly from Argus Cidery. It paired quite nicely with Christmas cookies and video games.

Happy De-licious-cember 21st and Happy Yule!

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