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De-licious-cember 4th: Merry Mason Jar Round-up

4th December 2012

De-licious-cember the fourth is all about Mason Jars. Everyone loves them and they fill so many roles. Why not use them this year in your holiday preparation. I’ve rounded up some of the bestest and cleverest ways to use these inexpensive containers for holiday baking, decor, lighting and more.

Start your holiday sprinting off with Cuppow! A lid that turns any mason jar into a sip-easy drinking container.


Food in Jars

heather bullard typepad



Mason Jar Snow Globes

Cranberries and Floating Lights in Mason Jar


Mason Jar Ambiance


Mason Jar Strike-Anywhere Matches (looks much cuter by the fireplace) by Burlap Bag

the burlap bag

Mason Jar Cast Beeswax Candles (this was our unity candle at our recent wedding, provided by my lovely SIL, Jess) by Pollen Arts on Etsy

pollen art etsy

Mason Jar Baking Gifts from Something Turquoise

something turquoise

Even if you can’t can, there’s a use for all those mason jars and its to deck those lackluster halls of yours! If you don’t want to use your own Mason jars, find them at your local grocer, hardware store, or online at amazon. By the way, those jars would store some variations of puppy chow or a batch of butterbeer syrup quite nicely.

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